James Buehler: Data and Disparity

Recently, an article by Ronald G. Fryer found no statistical differences between White, Black,or Hispanic individuals in the use of lethal force by police. Fryer, an Economics Professor at Harvard, based most findings on 4 sources of data: Information from New York City's Stop, Question, and Frisk Program The Police-Public Contact Survey Police reporting in … Continue reading James Buehler: Data and Disparity

Robert Kane: Tased and Confused

Robert Kane is a Criminology professor at Drexel University. Recently, Kane and his two study partners conducted an experiment to research a person's ability to process information after being tased.  If a person has reduced cognitive function, they may not properly understand their Miranda rights, which has implications for private citizens, and for our legal … Continue reading Robert Kane: Tased and Confused

Amy Liao

Amy is a health care professional who lives in North Philadelphia.  One morning, her neighbor was rushed to the hospital after suffering from convulsions.  Amy learned that, while being treated, she had been arrested. She went with her neighbor's mother to the hospital, to see if her medical background could help this family get answers.  … Continue reading Amy Liao

Candace McKinley: Know Your Rights pt. 2

The information in this article came from a recent interview with Candace McKinley, the Executive Director of Roots of Justice, and a legal rights advisor with Up Against the Law. Part one outlined the basic rights a person has when interacting with police officers.  This article contains some basic advice for protesting and also for recording police … Continue reading Candace McKinley: Know Your Rights pt. 2