Rob, who wished to be anonymous for this project, grew up in North Philadelphia, in a Latino family.  From stories he heard from his family members, he learned to be wary of the otherwise friendly presentation of police that he was learning in school.  Soon, his own experiences would confirm his family’s warnings.

Early Experiences:

Crash: Rob is hit by a police car in North Philadelphia. Officially, he is to blame. 

After being falsely accused by an officer of running three red lights, Rob is humiliated further in court by a belligerent judge.

What do you have in there? Rob and three of his friends were headed home from a Bible Study when they were pulled over and harrassed by police officers.

Full Circle: Rob, whose son is 16, now imparts hard lessons about the importance of how to be perceived by the police.

Reflections: Rob shares a story of an encounter with an officer that transformed him.  He reflects on his cumulative experiences with police.

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